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six music sets for brass bands

Click on the button to download the zip file (for PC and Mac) for each music set. These contain the PDF files for the parts and score.

Once downloaded, just double click on each zip file to unzip the folder containing the PDFs for each set.

You are welcome to download the PDF files of the parts and scores for each of our music sets.

Please do not share this music either electronically or by other means with other bands.

We would encourage  you to tell others about the opportunity for registered users to download the music.

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  1. 1.‘Jerusalem‘   Parry

  2. 2.Theme from ‘Jupiter‘   Holst

  3. 3.‘Land of Hope and Glory‘   Elgar

  4. 4.‘Nimrod‘    Elgar

  1. 1.‘Candle Song’  Babb

  2. 2.‘Elegy’  Babb

  3. 3.3rd Mt of ‘Serenade for Strings’  Elgar

  4. 4.‘Salut d’Amour’ (Love’s Greeting)  Elgar

  5. 5.‘David of the White Rock’  Folksong

  1. 1.‘In Memory’  Babb

  2. 2.‘Wedding Waltz’  Babb

  3. 3.Theme from ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ March 4  Elgar

  4. 4.‘In the Mode’  Babb

  5. 5.‘Sally Gardens’  Folksong

  1. 1.‘Song of Iona’  Folksong

  2. 2.‘Lanni’  Babb

  3. 3.‘O Waly Waly’  Folksong

  4. 4.‘Chanson de Matin’  Elgar

  1. 1.‘Sarabande’  Handel arr Babb

  2. 2.‘Londonderry Air’  Traditional

  3. 3.‘O my Love’  Traditional

  4. 4.‘Over the Sea to Skye’  Folksong

  5. 5.‘Rondo‘  Euphonium solo Babb

  1. 1.‘Bist du bei mir’  Classical (cornet solo)

  2. 2.‘The Children‘  P Babb arr Babb

  3. 3.‘In Praise of Finland’  Selection

  4. 4.‘My Lady Greensleeves’  Traditional