1. 1.‘Sarabande’  Handel arr Babb

  2. 2.‘Londonderry Air’  Traditional

  3. 3.‘O my Love’  Traditional

  4. 4.‘Over the Sea to Skye’  Folksong

  5. 5.‘Rondo‘  Euphonium solo Babb

set 5:  diversions

notes on each piece

‘Sarabande’        (8 score pages, estimated performance time 3½ mins)

This theme by Handel, used by him as the basis for variations, has shot to popularity in recent times with a full orchestral treatment (featuring the percussionist!). Here I have tried to preserve something of Handel’s treatment together with key changes and a strong climax.

‘Londonderry Air’       (4 score pages, estimated performance time 2½ mins)

This is a fairly straight-forward arrangement of the well-loved Irish melody, sometimes called ‘Danny Boy’. Note in the 1st verse that one of the Cornet 1 players is invited to use a flugel for 4 bars, but this is entirely optional. If there is only one player covering Hn2/Bar/Tr part, use whichever note for the final chord provides the best balance.

‘O my Love’      (4 score pages, estimated performance time 3¼ mins)

Do not allow any part of my original treatment to obscure any of this lovely tune, especially where a few harmony parts rise above the melody. Thus the dynamics at A are intentional, with the accompanying parts much quieter than the melody. Ensure a noticeable drop in volume at D for the short interlude.

‘Over the Sea to Skye’      (9 score pages, estimated performance time 3¼ mins)

The traditional tune is paired with an original counter-melody which first appears at D (slightly faster, and perhaps a little boisterous). The two are played together at G; take care to ensure that the traditional tune is pre-eminent.

‘Rondo’      (6 score pages, estimated performance time 2 mins)

This piece was originally composed as part of a Trombone Sonata that I wrote for Kathryn Hartup, then a pupil of mine in the school band. The euphonium soloist is invited to perform with exaggerated accents and articulation, but taking full note of the slurs.

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