1. 1.‘Song of Iona’  Folksong

  2. 2.‘Lanni’  Babb

  3. 3.‘O Waly Waly’  Folksong

  4. 4.‘Chanson de Matin’  Elgar



notes on each piece

‘Song of Iona’        (8 score pages, estimated performance time 3½ mins)

This lovely melody has been a personal favourite for many years. After the first presentation at A there are two varied versions, slightly faster at B and in the minor at C. There are then two further presentations, both in 6/8.

‘Lanni’       (10 score pages, estimated performance time 3 mins)

This was written as a present for my wife to celebrate our Golden Wedding in 2005; the word ‘Lanni’ was concocted from L (Roman 50) and ‘anni’ (Latin for ‘years’). The opening theme represents the words ‘fifty years’ and the contrasting musical theme at Section F is ‘fifty years and more’. Aim for a light-hearted and spirited style and a constant speed (until section L).

‘O Waly Waly’      (5 score pages, estimated performance time 3 mins)

This is yet another folk melody familiar in slightly varying forms. I have used most of these in this arrangement, and included a minor variation, together with a final canon.

‘Chanson de Matin’      (8 score pages, estimated performance time 3¼ mins)

Note the careful use of dynamics: the players will need to be alerted to the differences when they occur. Note that in section D bars 13-16 first the Euphonium and then Cornet 1 should predominate, especially with the crescendo.

Play the demo clip of ‘Song of Iona’

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