1. 1.‘In Memory’  Babb

  2. 2.‘Wedding Waltz’  Babb

  3. 3.Theme from ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ March 4  Elgar

  4. 4.‘In the Mode’  Babb

  5. 5.‘Sally Gardens’  Folksong



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notes on each piece

‘In Memory’      (8 score pages, estimated performance time 4 mins)

Far from being a funeral dirge, this is a celebration of my opera ‘Avalon’ written with Ian Enters in 2004 and performed in a Yorkshire tour in 2005. The music is taken from one of the closing choruses with the title ‘And no war will bring peace’. In section B emphasise the rhythmic contrast of quavers against triplets.

‘Wedding Waltz’      (4 score pages, estimated performance time 2¼ mins)

When two of our friends got married they asked for something a little lighter and less traditional to conclude the service, and this piece was the result.

Theme from ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ March 4      (6 score pages, estimated performance time 3 mins)

This is more of an arrangement than a transcription in that I have included an introduction and an interlude at C, based on Elgar’s material. The main theme appears three times with the subtle differences that are on essential part of Elgar’s original.

‘In the Mode’      (6 score pages, estimated performance time 3 mins)

This is the result of a little experimentation with held notes on the piano (or a tune with loud pedal down). Note that held notes always ‘dim’, while the melody remains constant. Sections B, C and D are a development of the theme and E is a repetition. The side drum has ‘snares off’ throughout.

‘Sally Gardens’      (7 score pages, estimated performance time 4 mins)

Although we know that this was a composed tune, it has acquired the status of folksong, especially after Benjamin Britten’s beautiful arrangement. There are three varied presentations of the melody.

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