1. 1.‘Candle Song’  Babb

  2. 2.‘Elegy’  Babb

  3. 3.3rd Mt of ‘Serenade for Strings’  Elgar

  4. 4.‘Salut d’Amour’ (Love’s Greeting)  Elgar

  5. 5.‘David of the White Rock’  Folksong


set 2:  SERENITY

Play the demo clip of ‘David of the White Rock’

notes on each piece

‘Candle Song’      (4 score pages, estimated performance time 2 mins)

Originally written as a soprano solo with words by Ian Enters, I have arranged it as a ‘stand-up’ solo. I assume that the soloist would not be required to join in the non-solo sections.

‘Elegy’      (4 score pages, estimated performance time 2½ mins)

Although this piece was not written in connection with any specific person it has a place in my own emotional heart. Written initially as a violin solo in 1955, it was re-composed as part of my Trombone Sonata in 1962. It was then part of my Sonata for Symphonic Wind Band. For this latest version I have lengthened the Sonata movement to incorporate material from the violin original. Careful attention to commas, breaks and dynamics is essential.

3rd Movement of ‘Serenade for Strings’      (8 score pages, estimated performance time 3 mins)

This requires careful rehearsal to attain the correct style. Elgar’s subtle part-writing means that all players should be equally capable of rounded phrases and accurate rhythm. Note that at the end one Cornet player is asked to hold a D for the final 5 bars.

‘Salut d’Amour (Love’s Greeting)’      (8 score pages, estimated performance time 2¾ mins)

This is as accurate a transcription of the original as possible. There is an important part for a Cornet soloist, but this should not imply that it is a stand-up role.

‘David of the White Rock’      (7 score pages, estimated performance time 4 mins)

There are many lovely Welsh folk tunes, but this is exceptionally beautiful. The mood I have tried to create is beauty linked with passion. The break before G is crucial - and at least one full beat.

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