1. 1.‘Jerusalem‘   Parry

  2. 2.Theme from ‘Jupiter‘   Holst

  3. 3.‘Land of Hope and Glory‘   Elgar

  4. 4.‘Nimrod‘    Elgar


set 1:  four national airs

notes on each piece

‘Jerusalem’      (4 score pages, estimated performance time 2 mins)

This is a transcript of the original unison song with its organ accompaniment. Ensure a well-balanced opening chord (and again at B), and observe the commas.

Theme from ‘Jupiter’      (8 score pages, estimated performance time 3½ mins)

This arrangement uses material from other sections of ‘Jupiter’ in the introduction and in the interlude before D. Note the steep slowing down in the 5th bar. I have tried to observe Holst’s original phrasing (rather than the later version with words added). Note the Bass forte note in the bar before D. Ensure that the quaver at the end of bar 7 of section H is clear, while the minim is held through.

‘Land of Hope and Glory’      (4 score pages, estimated performance time 2¼ mins)

An introduction, short interlude and coda has been added to the well-loved theme from Elgar’s 2nd Pomp and Circumstance march. Ensure that the Cornet 1 ‘descant’ to verse 1 doesn’t obscure the melody.

‘Nimrod’      (4 score pages, estimated performance time 3 mins)

This transcription of Elgar’s best-loved variation from the Enigma Variations requires very careful attention to detail: commas, phrasing, dynamics are all important. Section D bar 5 should not be rushed: the first beat crotchet must wait for the full triplet, and the final quaver should be very clear. The final chord must be well-balanced: if in doubt all should play the upper note of the divided chords.

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