There are in essence only five parts:

  1. Cornet 1 (but occasionally dividing, requiring two players);

  2. Cornet 2/Horn 1 (but note that Cornet 2 includes Flugel, and in some cases either Cornet or Flugel is asked for);

  3. Horn 2/Baritone/Trombone (assuming that Baritone and Trombone play the same part unless specified);

  4. Euphonium;

  5. Eb Bass/Bb Bass (the upper register of Eb Bass and lower register of Bb Bass are exploited, but a single Bass player should feel free to play at a comfortable register).

Percussion is not obligatory and all pieces can be performed by the brass group alone; however, I have tried to give percussionists some independent parts.


  1. Cornet becomes ‘Cor’, and a reference to ‘Cor’ in the Horn 1 part means Cornet 2.

  2. Reference to Horn 2 in the Baritone/Trombone part will be ‘Hn’.

  3. In the Bass parts only ‘Eb’ and ‘Bb’ are used.

Please note that ‘All’ is used to cancel out ‘One’, but also to cancel out reference to a specific instrument: thus ‘Flugel’ is cancelled out by ‘All’ when Cornet 2 joins in playing the part.

An instruction in brackets is for the information of the player: he or she continues playing (or resting).

An instruction without brackets requires action: start playing again, or stop playing.

Bear in mind that all this is subject to the over-riding principle that all these instructions are in order to provide opportunities for rests, and changes of tone colour. Leaders should use their initiative to achieve this.

The music set contains a Full Score and ONE copy of each part:

i.e. Cornet 1, Cornet 2, Horn 1, Horn 2, Baritone/Trombone, Euphonium, Eb Bass, Bb Bass and Percussion.

Additional parts are also provided in the pack:

  1. Soprano Eb (covering Cornet 1)

  2. French Horn 1 (covering Horn 1)

  3. French Horn 2 (covering Horn 2)

  4. Trombone in Bass Clef (covering Baritone/Trombone)

  5. Tuba in Bass Clef (covering Eb Bass)


six music sets:

notes for leaders and conductors

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