Michael Babb studied at Trinity College of Music in the early 1950s with teachers such as Henry Geehl and Phil Catlinet. He also worked alongside Salvation Army composers such as Ray Steadman-Allen and Les Condon as a proof-reader in the Music Editorial Department.

During his long teaching career, he wrote many works for school performances, including music dramas and an Easter Cantata. Since retirement he has written the music for an opera, ‘Avalon’, performed on tour in Yorkshire by a professional group supported by the Arts Council.

Although most of his published works have been written for The Salvation Army, many more have been performed in manuscript with considerable success. These include works for symphonic wind band as well as brass and vocal, and remain available. Latterly he has been instrumental in preparing The Salvation Army Classics series, writing 13 out of the first 16 arrangements to be published. Thus major works such as Eric Ball’s ‘Constant Trust’ have become accessible to bands of limited numbers.


Introducing babb music publishing

Michael Babb established

BABB MUSIC PUBLISHING as a means of making available music that can be played by able small brass groups, as well as by brass bands. The arrangements are in a variety of styles and include well-known classical anthems, folksongs, and some of Michael’s original compositions.

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